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Discoveries Talent Agency

Discoveries is a Talent Agency started in January of 2008 with a goal and plan to educate the public on legitimate agencies versus non-legitimate ones, properly train those looking to further their careers in acting and modeling and help aspiring actors achieve their dreams of getting into show business WITHOUT having to spend a lot of money to do it.  At Discoveries, we believe that persistence, dedication, passion and drive are the keys to making it in this business, NOT money !

We believe this is done with hard work, a strong and moral work ethic, a persistent, energetic and devoted staff and by giving over 100% to seeing that our talent is represented professionally, morally and honestly at all times.  We also conduct monthly acting workshops at no charge for the talent we represent, and at a nominal fee to the general public.  If you are interested in attending one of these monthly classes, please email us for more information.  We constantly have guest speakers teach our talent on every subject imaginable in this industry.  The key to a SUCCESSFUL actor is training, passion and persistence !  You can NEVER have enough of these in this business !

Discoveries was named this because often when we saw someone we felt had talent, looks and personality who had never pursued a career (but deep down inside, always wanted to)  we decided to start a business that would cater to those individuals and if money was an issue, do whatever we could to get them started WITHOUT spending a lot of it.  If we see that the person is willing to put forth the time and effort to pursue a lifelong dream, then we are willing to put forth the same amount of time (or more) to help make their dreams a reality ! 

We have talent that have been in the industry for years and who possess an impressive Resume and head shots.  Then, we also have talent who are just getting started, but who want to pursue a career in acting.  This is what Discoveries is all about:  To train, help and promote…and we take the challenge of helping people pursue their dreams VERY seriously !  This is one of the reasons this agency is so different from others.  Another reason Discoveries is so unique is because:
1) We do not charge a registration or “administrative” fee to sign up with us.

2) We do not have any exclusive contracts for our Non-Union talent, so you are free to work for other agencies without having to pay a commission to us when you’ve booked a job through yourself or another agent.

3) We work on a sliding scale so that if you do a job that doesn’t pay you a lot you don’t have to pay us a flat rate commission.  We work on a 10 to 15% basis.

4) We don’t just represent children and adults.  We represent pets, homes and businesses for on-location shoots as well.

Discoveries is also a member of Breakdown Services, Casting Networks, Casting Frontier, NOWCasting, and which are some of the most effective ways to track and promote an agency’s talent by allowing Directors, Producers and Casting Directors across the country to have access to the talent and their Resumes and photos, seven days a week and 24 hours a day. 

All we require for talent to be listed with us are:
*  Professional head shots that show their best features
*  A current Resume
*  Regular Computer access / cell phone / IPhone to check our daily castings and emails
*  The desire to succeed in this business
*  A great attitude and an open mind !

If you are a client looking for talent that can help you enhance and promote your business, then call Discoveries today and let us help take the stress off of you to find good talent and at a moment’s notice too!  We can provide you with an extensive list of all the happy customers we have serviced over the past four years and Letters of Reference as well.  If you are looking for Union Represented Talent, check out for SAG-AFTRA talent from Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Texas.

Although at the present time, we are not taking in new talent in either of our East or West coast offices, we don’t want you to leave this site feeling lost and without a referral !  We know you are excited to get started in this business and are glad you are doing your homework to find the RIGHT agent !  This is a decision you do NOT want to rush !  If you are new OR seasoned talent looking for honest and aggressive representation,  please feel free to contact Discoveries and we will be glad to refer you to agencies that are legitimate, don’t ask for any “up front” fees and who ARE taking in new talent at this time.  The email address is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).    Please state if you want “East Coast” referrals or “West Coast” ones.  Due to the fact that on an average, our office receives over 100 requests per week for this list, please know that your email WILL be responded to eventually.  NOTE:  The referral list is not a long one because we are very careful in referring you to just “anyone”.  Only the agencies we know and trust and are currently working with that ARE accepting new talent at this time are on this list.  Also, we only refer to agencies that do NOT ask for upfront and/or administrative fees !

For any other questions you may have, please send us an email using our Contact Form on this site.

We are sorry to have closed our open registration, but we feel it’s best to keep our roster smaller than most of the larger agencies so that we can give our talent 100% of our time and efforts, rather than spreading ourselves too thin and having them feel like a number.  We want all of our talent to feel like the most important talent in the world to us and always to feel like they can call us whenever they want to with questions, comments or just to tell us how an audition went for them.  Keeping our database smaller than most agencies, we can do that effectively and to the benefit of all of our talent. 

Thank you for looking over our site and learning what Discoveries is all about.  We wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors and hope you eventually hire the “right” agent for your own personal needs.  Just keep in mind three things when looking for one:
1)  Don’t EVER pay a fee to an Agent to meet with you or sign you up.  (This goes for public events that charge hundreds and thousands of dollars to attend!)
2)  Don’t hire the first agent you meet.  Interview with at least 3 before making your decision.  This is an important decision in your career and shouldn’t be taken lightly !
3)  Make sure you “click” with them and they with you.  Nothing in this business is worse than having an agent represent you that you don’t feel good about, don’t feel important to and don’t feel like “Number 1” with.



It seems like more and more every day, people are contacting me, desperately looking for information on how to find an agent, what to do for their careers while looking for an agent and how to get started if they’ve never done anything before.  Unfortunately, with my not taking in new talent and having to refer out to other agencies, I’ve been finding that most agencies won’t take in new talent without awesome head shots AND an impressive Resume !  Well, how can one get an impressive Resume if they can’t get an Agent ?!?

That being said, I have decided to list some of the steps as to what to do to get started.  Hopefully, this will help those trying to find an agent who can’t get started, and also help those that have an agent who may not be getting them any auditions / work from them….build their careers on their own.  This list has helped many.  Hopefully it will help you too !

1)  Sign up for an account with Actors Access.  It’s FREE to sign up and you can upload your Resume and two head shots at no charge.  When a project requires a certain age / race / talent, they go into their database and if you have what they are looking for, will contact you personally for an audition.  No agency commission is due anyone either because you’re submitting yourself for work.

2)  Sign up for an account at  It’s $68.00 per year and will enable you to submit yourself for projects through Actors Access at no additional charge AND you can get unlimited sides for your auditions when you get them. 

3)  Sign up for an account with IMDB.  All professional actors need one of these !  It’s also FREE to sign up.

4)  East Coast Actors:  Sign up for an account at  It’s $ 39.95 per year and NOT a scam !  They will send you breakdowns and audition notices directly also.
    West Coast Actors:  Sign up for an account at  It’s $15.95 per month and NOT a scam !  They will send you breakdowns and audition notices too.

5)  Sign up for an account at  It’s FREE and they will send you breakdowns and audition notices.

6)  Design your own website at  It’s FREE and as you book jobs and update your head shots, you can post them on your very own website !

7)  Make sure you have a professional head shot that compliments your features and looks like YOU do !

8)  Make sure you have a professional looking Resume which you keep updated as you book work.

The above list is EVERYTHING you need to do NOW to get started in this business OR to stay active and busy while you build your Resume and look for an Agent to represent you. 


Janine Jannicelli, Owner
Discoveries Talent Agency and Starlight Talent Management